Laurence Bradbury
Laurence Bradbury
Author of the "Alexander Webb" Action / Adventure novels
Author of the "Alexander Webb" Action / Adventure novels 

Some of you may have noticed from my Bio that I travel a great deal. Sometimes for pleasure, sometimes for research and sometimes for work.


The pictures on this page may be spoilers for the novels I've written so it may be best to look at them after reading the books.


1) Webb of Thieves - Inspiration.



Kinkaku-ji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion), situated at the foot of Mount Kinugasa. The location of the meeting between Alexander, Tomoko and Koyanagi san in Kyoto.


Japanese castle similar to the one built by Matsumoto on the lake shore at the foot of Mount Fuji


 A Ryokan in Kyoto. I stayed here during my visit and have used it as Alexander's home during his stay after he meets Tomoko. 


A ceremony in the Meiji Jingu gardens where Alexander first meets with Sonya 



Rua Hang Yao long boats have amazing engines! 

The Emerald Buddha sitting on its golden palladium


Laurence as a musher in northern Thailand 


2) Webb of Relics - Inspiration.


The view across the Sacred Lake to the temple complex at Karnak. Luxor. Egypt.


 Research trip to the Giza plateau - Cairo :- Laurence, Maria, Clive and Honor.

 Laurence at Abu-Simbel

 The Royal Cartouche of Amenhotep the Third - Akhenaten's Father


The Colossi of Memnon - Entrance figures to the mortuary temple of Amenhotep the Third (Chapter 43 - SOS)


  The Greco-Roman Bath House excavation in front of Karnak (Chapter 49 - Luxor Liaison)
3) Webb of Martyrs - Inspiration
United Kingdom: Chalice Well & Glastonbury

 Glastonbury Abbey


 Saint John's Church - Glastonbury


Chalice Well - Glastonbury 


Joseph of Arimathea in St. Johns Church 


Turkey: Ephesus & Meryemana.

The Prytaneion Artemis - Selcuk Museum 


 Library of Celsus - Ephesus


The home of Mary, mother of Jesus - Meryemama.

Italy: Rome.

 Triumphal procession carved inside the Arch of Titus - Spoils of war taken from the Temple of Jerusalem.

 The Arch of Titus in the Roman Forum


 The Roman Colosseum


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